Class DefaultFormattedTemporalSerde<T extends TemporalAccessor>

Type Parameters:
T - The temporal type
All Implemented Interfaces:
Deserializer<T>, Serde<T>, Serializer<T>, TemporalSerde<T>
Direct Known Subclasses:
InstantSerde, LocalDateSerde, LocalDateTimeSerde, LocalTimeSerde, OffsetDateTimeSerde, ZonedDateTimeSerde

public abstract class DefaultFormattedTemporalSerde<T extends TemporalAccessor> extends Object implements TemporalSerde<T>
Super class that can be used for the default date/time formatting.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultFormattedTemporalSerde

      protected DefaultFormattedTemporalSerde(@NonNull @NonNull SerdeConfiguration configuration, @NonNull @NonNull DateTimeFormatter defaultStringFormatter)
      Allows configuring a default time format for temporal date/time types.
      configuration - The configuration
      defaultStringFormatter - Default string formatter to use if the user hasn't configured one
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