Interface UpdatingDeserializer<T>

Type Parameters:
T - The generic type that the deserializer can deserialize
All Superinterfaces:

@Indexed(Deserializer.class) public interface UpdatingDeserializer<T> extends Deserializer<T>
Interface that represents a deserializer capable of updating an existing object.
Jonas Konrad, graemerocher
  • Method Details

    • deserializeInto

      @Nullable void deserializeInto(@NonNull @NonNull Decoder decoder, @NonNull @NonNull Deserializer.DecoderContext decoderContext, @NonNull @NonNull io.micronaut.core.type.Argument<? super T> type, T value) throws IOException
      Deserializes from the current state of the Decoder an object of type UpdatingDeserializer.
      decoder - The decoder, never null
      decoderContext - The decoder context, never null
      type - The generic type to be deserialized
      value - The value
      IOException - If an error occurs during deserialization of the object