Interface AuthenticationProvider<T>

Type Parameters:
T - Request
All Known Implementing Classes:
LdapAuthenticationProvider, MockAuthenticationProvider, OauthPasswordAuthenticationProvider, OpenIdPasswordAuthenticationProvider

public interface AuthenticationProvider<T>
Defines an authentication provider.
Sergio del Amo, Graeme Rocher
  • Method Details

    • authenticate

      org.reactivestreams.Publisher<AuthenticationResponse> authenticate(@Nullable T httpRequest, AuthenticationRequest<?,?> authenticationRequest)
      Authenticates a user with the given request. If a successful authentication is returned, the object must be an instance of Authentication. Publishers MUST emit cold observables! This method will be called for all authenticators for each authentication request and it is assumed no work will be done until the publisher is subscribed to.
      httpRequest - The http request
      authenticationRequest - The credentials to authenticate
      A publisher that emits 0 or 1 responses