Class GetIdInterceptor<T,​ID>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the entity to obtain an id from
    ID - the ID type of the entity
    All Implemented Interfaces:<T,​ID>

    public final class GetIdInterceptor<T,​ID>
    A DataInterceptor allowing AbstractCoherenceRepository instances to obtain the Id of the provided entity.
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        operations, preparedQueryResolver
    • Constructor Summary

      Modifier Constructor Description
      protected GetIdInterceptor​( operations)
      Default constructor.
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      ID intercept​( methodKey, io.micronaut.aop.MethodInvocationContext<T,​ID> context)  
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        convertNumberArgumentIfNecessary, convertOne, convertOne, count, findEntitiesParameter, findEntityParameter, getDeleteAllBatchOperation, getDeleteBatchOperation, getDeleteBatchOperation, getDeleteOperation, getEntitiesParameter, getEntityParameter, getInsertBatchOperation, getInsertBatchOperation, getInsertOperation, getInsertOperation, getPageable, getPagedQuery, getParameterValueMap, getRequiredEntity, getRequiredRootEntity, getReturnType, getUpdateAllBatchOperation, getUpdateOperation, getUpdateOperation, instantiateEntity, isNullable, isNumber, prepareCountQuery, prepareQuery, prepareQuery, prepareQuery, validateNullArguments
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    • Constructor Detail

      • GetIdInterceptor

        protected GetIdInterceptor​(@NonNull
        Default constructor.
        operations - the RepositoryOperations
    • Method Detail

      • intercept

        public ID intercept​( methodKey,
                            io.micronaut.aop.MethodInvocationContext<T,​ID> context)
        Specified by:
        intercept in interface<T,​ID>