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Class that can be used as a entry point for a AWS Lambda custom runtime.
Class that can be used as an entry point for an AWS Lambda custom runtime with a MicronautRequestStreamHandler handler.
Abstract class for implementations of ServletHttpResponse.
SerdeImport for ActiveMQEvent.
This event is published after the execution of FunctionExecutor.execute(Object) and StreamFunctionExecutor.execute(, methods to allow performing actions before the Lambda function run is finished and the JVM is hibernated.
Defines configuration for the Alexa controller.
ConfigurationProperties implementation of AlexaControllerConfiguration.
This is the base function you extend for Alexa skills support.
NOTICE: This class is forked from ask-sdk-servlet-support module Provides container for server request that should be validated.
Common intent names.
FunctionalInterface to create AlexaSkill.
Alexa Skill Configuration.
This allows configuring properties that area AWS Alexa specific such as skill-id for skill verification.
Utility class to use when working with Amazon API Gateway.
Resolves ComputeInstanceMetadata for Amazon EC2.
The name of the speaking style to apply to the speech.
Represents ComputeInstanceMetadata for Amazon's EC2.
Applies Amazon-specific effects to the speech.
The intensity or strength of the emotion to express.
Default configuration for retrieving Amazon EC2 metadata for ComputePlatform.AMAZON_EC2.
Configuration properties for the Apache HTTP client.
Factory that creates an Apache HTTP client.
Factory that creates an Api Gateway client.
Implementation of ServletHttpHandler for AWS Gateway Proxy Events.
Request binder for the APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent object.
Handles requests from API Gateway using the v1 payload format.
StageResolver implementation for @{link APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent} for AWS Lambda Events library.
Adapts the APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent to a MutableHttpResponse.
Adapts the v2 APIGatewayV2HTTPResponse to a MutableHttpResponse.
Request binder for the APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent object.
SerdeImport for APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent.
Implementation of ServletHttpRequest for AWS API Gateway Proxy.
Implementation of ServletHttpResponse for AWS API Gateway Proxy.
Base class for all the versions of the Gateway events.
SerdeImport for APIGatewayV2CustomAuthorizerEvent.
Request binder for the APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent object.
Handles requests from API Gateway using the v2 payload format.
Implementation of ServletHttpHandler for input ApplicationLoadBalancerRequestEvent and response ApplicationLoadBalancerResponseEvent.
Main entry for AWS API proxy with Micronaut.
SerdeImport for APIGatewayV2HTTPEvent.
Implementation of ServletHttpRequest for AWS API Gateway Proxy.
Request binder for the APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent object.
SerdeImport for APIGatewayV2HTTPResponse.
Implementation of ServletHttpResponse for AWS API Gateway Proxy.
SerdeImport for APIGatewayV2ProxyRequestEvent.
SerdeImport for APIGatewayV2ProxyResponseEvent.
SerdeImport for APIGatewayV2WebSocketEvent.
SerdeImport for APIGatewayV2WebSocketResponse.
RequestHandler for input ApplicationLoadBalancerRequestEvent and response ApplicationLoadBalancerResponseEvent.
Implementation of ServletHttpHandler for AWS Gateway Proxy Events.
Main entry for AWS ALB with Micronaut.
Request binder for the ApplicationLoadBalancerRequestEvent object.
SerdeImport for ApplicationLoadBalancerRequestEvent.
Adapts the v2 APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent to a MutableHttpResponse.
Request binder for the ApplicationLoadBalancerResponseEvent object.
SerdeImport for ApplicationLoadBalancerResponseEvent.
Implementation of ServletHttpRequest for Application Load Balancer events.
Implementation of ServletHttpResponse for ApplicationLoadBalancerResponseEvent.
SerdeImport for AppSyncLambdaAuthorizerEvent.
SerdeImport for AppSyncLambdaAuthorizerResponse.
NOTICE: This class is forked from ask-sdk-servlet-support module Helper class to hold package's constant values.
ExceptionHandler to handle AskSdkException.
Implementation that spins up an HTTP server based on Jetty that proxies request to a Lambda.
Configuration options for AWS client.
AwsClientFactory<SB extends<SB,SC> &<SB,SC>,AB extends<AB,AC> &<AB,AC>,SC,AC extends>
Abstract class that eases creation of AWS client factories.
Configuration options for AWS.
Implementation of Cookies for serverless.
Configuration for Distributed Configuration using AWS services such as AWS Parameter Store or Secrets Manager.
Base implementation for AWS services contributing distributed configuration.
ConfigurationProperties implementation of AwsDistributedConfiguration.
Builds an InvokeRequest for each definition under aws.lambda.functions.
Configuration options for AWS Lambda.
A FunctionInvoker for invoking functions on AWS.
AWS Lambda Runtime Interface Error.
Definition of a service that provides a list of ParameterQuery objects to be processed by the configuration client.
A ConfigurationClient implementation for AWS ParameterStore.
This is the configuration class for the AWSParameterStoreConfigClient for AWS Parameter Store based configuration.
Configuration of AWS Services.
EachProperty implementation of AWSServiceConfiguration for* configuration.
An implementation of the DiscoveryClient interface for AWS Route53.
Configuration for AWS Route 53 discovery.
An implementation of DiscoveryServiceAutoRegistration for Route 53.
Configuration for AWS Route 53 registration.
Utility class to provide conversion for HTTP request body.
SerdeImport for CloudFormationCustomResourceEvent.
SerdeImport for CloudFrontEvent.
CloudWatch's implementation of the JsonFormatter.
Cloudwatch log appender for logback.
Factory that creates a CloudWatch Logs client.
SerdeImport for CloudWatchLogsEvent.
SerdeImport for CodeCommitEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolCreateAuthChallengeEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolCustomMessageEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolDefineAuthChallengeEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolMigrateUserEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolPostAuthenticationEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolPostConfirmationEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolPreAuthenticationEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolPreSignUpEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolPreTokenGenerationEvent.
SerdeImport for CognitoUserPoolVerifyAuthChallengeResponseEvent.
Primary HandlerInputLocaleResolver which evaluates every HandlerInputLocaleResolver by order to resolve a Locale.
SerdeImport for ConfigEvent.
SerdeImport for ConnectEvent.
Provides a Lambda execution environment's Context.
Factory that creates an AWS credentials and region providers that can read values from the Micronaut environment.
Exception raised when serialization with JsonMapperCustomPojoSerializer fails.
Creates AlexaSkill by adding request and exception handlers ((RequestHandler, ExceptionHandler beans) and interceptor beans (RequestInterceptor and ResponseInterceptor).
Resolves Locale from the HandlerInput request.
Registers singletons of type Context.
DefaultImplementation of RequestEnvelopeService.
DefaultImplementation of RequestEnvelopeVerificationService.
DefaultImplementation of ServletToAwsProxyRequestAdapter.
DefaultImplementation of ServletToAwsProxyResponseAdapter.
Populates Mapping Diagnostic Context with Lambda Context.
Factory that creates a Dynamo DB client.
SerdeImport for DynamodbEvent.
SerdeImport for DynamodbTimeWindowEvent.
A enum of Amazon EC2 metadata.
Represents EC2 service instance metadata.
A AwsCredentialsProvider that reads from the Environment.
A AWSCredentialsProvider that reads from the Environment.
A AwsRegionProvider that reads from the Environment.
Flash Briefing item.
Provides an abstract class which implements LocaleResolver and handles default locale resolution.
Generic implementation of LocaleResolver for fixed locale resolution.
ConfigurationProperties implementation of HandlerInputLocaleResolutionConfiguration.
Responsible for determining the current locale for a HandlerInput event.
Configures MDC and Bean Context with the current LambdaContext.
Amazon API Gateway Stage resolvers for an HTTP Request.
HTTP Server specific implementation of AlexaHttpRequest.
SerdeImport for IamPolicyResponse.
SerdeImport for IamPolicyResponseV1.
SerdeImport for IoTButtonEvent.
NullableSerde implementation for JODA DateTime.
Provides an implementation of CustomPojoSerializer which is loaded via SPI.
SerdeImport for KafkaEvent.
Fetches a Map of properties for a given prefix.
SerdeImport for KinesisAnalyticsFirehoseInputPreprocessingEvent.
SerdeImport for KinesisAnalyticsInputPreprocessingResponse.
SerdeImport for KinesisAnalyticsOutputDeliveryEvent.
SerdeImport for KinesisAnalyticsOutputDeliveryResponse.
SerdeImport for KinesisAnalyticsStreamsInputPreprocessingEvent.
SerdeImport for KinesisEvent.
SerdeImport for KinesisFirehoseEvent.
SerdeImport for KinesisTimeWindowEvent.
An ApplicationContextBuilder for AWS Lambda environments.
Register Lambda Context singletons for the current Handler execution.
SerdeImport for LambdaDestinationEvent.
Invocation event response which headers contain additional data about the invocation.
SerdeImport for LexEvent.
Utility methods for collapsing headers.
Implementation of MutableHttpParameters that uses a MutableMapListOfStringAndMapStringConvertibleMultiValue internally.
An authentication fetcher for Request Context Authorizer.
Base interface for constants related to lambda execution.
Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
Extension for testing Lambda environments with Junit 5.
Main entry for AWS API proxy with Micronaut.
Annotation that can be applied to any JUnit 5 test to enable testing AWS Lambda handlers with a pre-configured ApplicationContext.
An Amazon Lambda RequestHandler implementation for Micronaut FunctionBean
An implementation of the RequestStreamHandler for Micronaut
Implementation of SkillStreamHandler.
Creates an Alexa Skill only if no AlexaSkillConfiguration is present.
Provides a MockLambdaContext.
Implementation of Context which returns null for every overriden method.
A mutable version of MapListOfStringAndMapStringConvertibleMultiValue.
Configuration properties for the Netty async client.
Factory that creates a Netty client.
An object encapsulating all necessary parameters to perform a request for configuration values to the Parameter Store, as well as the name of the resulting property source and associated priority.
Set the rate to a predefined value.
Set volume to a predefined value for current voice.
SerdeImport for RabbitMQEvent.
Process a RequestEnvelope and returns a ResponseEnvelope if it is capable of handling the request.
Verifies a RequestEnvelope.
Condition which return true if System property "" is present and evaluates to true.
Lambda runtimes set several environment variables during initialization.
Implementation of Lambda execution Context for runtime environments.
SerdeImport for S3BatchEvent.
SerdeImport for S3BatchResponse.
Factory that creates an S3 client.
Configuration properties for S3.
SerdeImport for S3EventNotification.
Records Mixin.
SerdeImport for S3Event.
This seems to be necessary because Serde was not picking the appropriate constructor {@link, Long, String, String, String)}.
SerdeImport for S3ObjectLambdaEvent.
SerdeImport for ScheduledEvent.
Key Value fetcher for AWS Secrets Manager.
Factory that creates a Secrets Manager client.
Configuration for Secrets Manager.
Distributed configuration client for AWS Secrets Manager.
ConfigurationProperties implementation of SecretsManagerConfiguration.
Secret configuration holder that allows for flexibility in secret key naming in the Micronaut context to avoid a potential keys name collision.
Key Value fetcher for AWS Secrets Manager that is aware of Secret Key Value group names.
SecretsKeyValueFetcher implementations for AWS Secrets Manager.
SerdeImport for SecretsManagerRotationEvent.
ExceptionHandler to handle SecurityException.
Provides an implementation of CustomPojoSerializer which is loaded via SPI.
Encapsulates the port assignment to be used when starting a server.
Factory that creates service discovery clients.
Adapts from HttpServletRequest to APIGatewayV2HTTPEvent.
Writes the contents of a APIGatewayV2HTTPResponse to a HttpServletResponse.
Factory that creates a SES client.
SerdeImport for SimpleIAMPolicyResponse.
FunctionalInterface to create a SkillBuilder.
NOTICE: This class is inspired in forked from ask-sdk-servlet-support module
NOTICE: This class is forked from ask-sdk-servlet-support module Provides a utility method to verify the signature of a skill request.
NOTICE: This class is forked from ask-sdk-servlet-support module Verifies whether or not timestamps are valid within a certain tolerance.
NOTICE: The method SkillRequestTimestampVerifierFactory.timeStampToleranceSystemProperty() is forked from ask-sdk-servlet-support module.
NOTICE: This class is forked from ask-sdk-servlet-support module.
Factory that creates a SNS client.
SerdeImport for SNSEvent.
SerdeImport for SQSBatchResponse.
Factory that creates a SQS client.
Factory that creates a SSM client.
Speech Synthesis Markup Language builder.
Resolves Amazon API Gateway Stage from input event.
Creates a builder used to construct a new Skill using the default DynamoDbPersistenceAdapter and ApacheHttpApiClient.
Creates an AlexaSkill if no other alexa skills beans are present.
SerdeImport for StreamsEventResponse.
Supported Locales for xml-lang attribute.
Implementation of LambdaLogger which logs to System.out.println.
SerdeImport for TimeWindowEventResponse.
Configuration properties for the UrlConnectionHttpClient.
Factory that creates an URLConnection based client.
Provides value for User-Agent HTTP Header Value.
Word role used to customize the pronunciation of words by specifying the word's part of speech.
Utility class to parse X-Ray Trace ID.