Class SkillRequestTimestampVerifier

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public class SkillRequestTimestampVerifier extends Object implements SkillServletVerifier
NOTICE: This class is forked from ask-sdk-servlet-support module Verifies whether or not timestamps are valid within a certain tolerance.

Every request sent by Alexa includes a timestamp. This information is part of the signed portion of the request, so it cannot be changed without also invalidating the request signature. Using this timestamp to verify the freshness of the request before responding protects the client's service from attackers attempting a "replay" attack in which they acquire a properly signed request and then repeatedly resend it to disrupt your service.

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  • Constructor Details

    • SkillRequestTimestampVerifier

      public SkillRequestTimestampVerifier(long toleranceInMilliseconds)
      Constructs a new timestamp verifier with the provided tolerance milliseconds.
      toleranceInMilliseconds - the tolerance of this verifier, in milliseconds. must be non-negative and less than 3600000L.
    • SkillRequestTimestampVerifier

      public SkillRequestTimestampVerifier(long tolerance, TimeUnit timeUnit)
      Constructs a new timestamp verifier with the provided tolerance and timeUnit.
      tolerance - the tolerance of this verifier must be non-negative and less than 3600000L after converting to milliseconds.
      timeUnit - TimeUnit must be non-null.
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    • verify

      public void verify(AlexaHttpRequest alexaHttpRequest)
      Validates if the provided date is inclusively within the verifier tolerance, either in the past or future, of the current system time. This method will throw a SecurityException if the tolerance is not in the expected range, or if the request is null or does not contain a timestamp value. Verifies an incoming request.
      Specified by:
      verify in interface SkillServletVerifier
      alexaHttpRequest - request performed by Alexa