Interface PropertyResolutionListener

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public interface PropertyResolutionListener
A test resources property resolution listener will be notified whenever a property is resolved by a TestResourcesResolver.
  • Method Details

    • resolved

      void resolved(String property, String resolvedValue, TestResourcesResolver resolver, Map<String,Object> properties, Map<String,Object> testResourcesConfig)
      Records that a property was resolved by a particular resolver.
      property - the property which was resolved
      resolvedValue - the result of the resolution
      resolver - the resolver which resolved the property
      properties - the properties used for resolution
      testResourcesConfig - the test resources configuration
    • errored

      void errored(String property, TestResourcesResolver resolver, Throwable error)
      Records an error which happened during property resolution, for example if a container fails to start.
      property - the property which we attempted to resolve
      resolver - the resolver which failed
      error - the error which happened