Interface MicronautServerDependent

All Known Implementing Classes:
AppOptics, Atlas, AzureMonitor, CloudWatch, DataDog, Dynatrace, Elastic, Freemarker, Ganglia, Graphite, Handlebars, Humio, Influx, Jaeger, JaxRs, JaxRsSecurity, Jmx, JTE, Kairos, Management, MicrometerAnnotations, MicrometerFeature, MicrometerObservation, MicrometerObservationHttp, Multitenancy, NewRelic, OpenApi, OpenApiAdoc, OpenApiExplorer, OpenTelemetryHttp, OracleCloud, Pebble, Prometheus, RapiDoc, Redoc, Rocker, Security, SecurityAnnotations, SecurityFeature, SecurityJWT, SecurityLdap, SecurityOAuth2, SecuritySession, Signalfx, Soy, SpringWeb, Stackdriver, Statsd, SwaggerUI, Thymeleaf, Velocity, Wavefront, Zipkin

public interface MicronautServerDependent
Marks a feature as dependent on a Micronaut Server (such as Netty) and cannot be combined with a third party server feature.
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