Interface DistributedConfigFeature

All Superinterfaces:
io.micronaut.core.naming.Described, Feature, io.micronaut.core.naming.Named, io.micronaut.core.order.Ordered
All Known Implementing Classes:
Archaius, AwsParameterStore, AwsSecretsManager, AzureKeyVaultFeature, CoherenceDistributedConfiguration, DistributedConfigConsul, GoogleSecretManager, KubernetesConfig, OracleCloudVault

public interface DistributedConfigFeature extends Feature
  • Method Details

    • supports

      default boolean supports(ApplicationType applicationType)
      Description copied from interface: Feature
      This method must be implemented to ensure it is only selectable for the desired application types. This method is not used for determining if a default feature should be applied.
      Specified by:
      supports in interface Feature
      applicationType - The application type
      True if the feature can be selected by the user
    • getCategory

      default String getCategory()
      Specified by:
      getCategory in interface Feature
      The Category to which the feature belongs to.
    • populateBootstrapForDistributedConfiguration

      @NonNull default @NonNull Map<String,Object> populateBootstrapForDistributedConfiguration(@NonNull @NonNull GeneratorContext generatorContext)