Class FeatureContext


public class FeatureContext extends Object
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • processSelectedFeatures

      public void processSelectedFeatures()
    • exclude

      public void exclude(FeaturePredicate exclusion)
    • getFinalFeatures

      public Set<Feature> getFinalFeatures(ConsoleOutput consoleOutput)
    • getLanguage

      public Language getLanguage()
    • getFramework

      public String getFramework()
    • getTestFramework

      public TestFramework getTestFramework()
    • getBuildTool

      public BuildTool getBuildTool()
    • getJavaVersion

      public JdkVersion getJavaVersion()
    • getOptions

      public Options getOptions()
    • getApplicationType

      public ApplicationType getApplicationType()
    • getOperatingSystem

      public OperatingSystem getOperatingSystem()
    • getSelectedFeatures

      public Set<Feature> getSelectedFeatures()
    • addFeature

      public void addFeature(Feature feature)
      Adds a feature to be applied. The added feature is processed immediately.
      feature - The feature to add
    • isPresent

      public boolean isPresent(Class<? extends Feature> feature)
    • getFeature

      public Optional<Feature> getFeature(Class<? extends Feature> feature)
    • addFeatureIfNotPresent

      public void addFeatureIfNotPresent(Class<? extends Feature> featureClass, Feature feature)