Class AbstractJooqConfigurationFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractJooqConfigurationFactory

        public AbstractJooqConfigurationFactory()
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      • jooqConfiguration

        protected DefaultConfiguration jooqConfiguration​(@Parameter
                                                         java.lang.String name,
                                                         @Parameter @Nullable
                                                         TransactionProvider transactionProvider,
                                                         @Parameter @Nullable
                                                         Settings settings,
                                                         @Parameter @Nullable
                                                         ExecutorProvider executorProvider,
                                                         @Parameter @Nullable
                                                         RecordMapperProvider recordMapperProvider,
                                                         @Parameter @Nullable
                                                         RecordUnmapperProvider recordUnmapperProvider,
                                                         @Parameter @Nullable
                                                         MetaProvider metaProvider,
                                                         @Parameter @Nullable
                                                         ConverterProvider converterProvider,
                                                         io.micronaut.configuration.jooq.AbstractJooqConfigurationProperties properties,
                                                         io.micronaut.context.ApplicationContext ctx)
        Creates jOOQ Configuration. It will configure it with available jOOQ provider beans with the same qualifier.
        name - The data source name
        transactionProvider - The transaction provider
        settings - The settings
        executorProvider - The executor provider
        recordMapperProvider - The record mapper provider
        recordUnmapperProvider - The record unmapper provider
        metaProvider - The metadata provider
        converterProvider - The converter provider
        properties - The properties
        ctx - The ApplicationContext
        A Configuration