All Classes and Interfaces

Abstract mapper for Spring annotations.
An adapter for Spring's ApplicationEventPublisher interface.
Runs ApplicationRunner and CommandLineRunner instances on startup.
Maps @Async to Async.
Maps @Autowired to javax.inject.Inject.
Maps @Bean to Bean.
Implementation of Spring's AnnotationMetadata that backs onto a BeanDefinition.
Extends RuleBasedTransactionAttribute so that it can be bound from annotation metadata and defaults to rollback on all exception types apart from those configured.
Maps the Spring cache annotations.
Maps the Spring cache annotations.
Maps the Spring cache annotations.
Channel resolver interface.
Implementation of AnnotationMetadata that backs onto a Micronaut ClassElement.
Maps @Component to Bean with a DefaultScope of Singleton.
Maps ConditionalOnBean to Micronaut Requires.
Maps ConditionalOnClass to Micronaut Requires.
Maps ConditionalOnMissingBean to Micronaut Requires.
Maps ConditionalOnMissingClass to Micronaut Requires.
Maps ConditionalOnNotWebApplication to Micronaut Requires.
Maps ConditionalOnProperty to Micronaut Requires.
Maps ConditionalOnSingleCandidate to Micronaut Requires.
Maps ConditionalOnWebApplication to Micronaut Requires.
Maps @Configuration to Factory.
Maps ConfigurationProperties to Micronaut ConfigurationProperties.
Maps Spring CookieValue to Micronaut.
Default implementation of ChannelResolver.
Maps Spring DeleteMapping to Micronaut.
Maps Actuator DeleteOperation to Micronaut Delete.
Annotation that can be added to a Spring application case in the case where auto-configuration is disabled.
Used to allow to expose beans from the Spring to the Micronaut context.
Maps Actuator Endpoint to Micronaut Endpoint.
Maps @EventListener to EventListener.
Maps Spring ExceptionHandler to Micronaut.
Maps Spring GetMapping to Micronaut.
Adds ability to bind HttpMethod.
Maps io.micronaut.spring.beans.SpringImport to Micronaut Framework Import annotation.
Handles the import importDeclaration allowing importing of additional Spring beans into a Micronaut application.
Handles the import aware interface.
Meta-annotation used on other types to describe the type that imported this type.
Makes @Lazy(false) become a Context scoped bean.
An interface that is more limited in scope than ConfigurableApplicationContext and provides lifecycle management.
An implementation of Spring's ApplicationContext interface that delegates to Micronaut.
Implementation of the ApplicationEventPublisher interface for Micronaut.
Implementation of the ListableBeanFactory interface for Micronaut.
Configuration for the Micronaut bean factory.
Allows specifying a filter to include or exclude certain beans from being exposed to Spring.
Adds Micronaut beans to a Spring application context.
Marker interface for internal components.
ConversionService adapter.
Implementation of the Environment interface for Micronaut.
An ImportBeanDefinitionRegistrar that exposes all Micronaut beans as Spring beans using EnableMicronaut.
Implements the MergedAnnotations interface.
Micronaut specific ChannelResolver implementation.
Micronaut implementation of ServerHttpRequest.
Makes it possible to use Spring MVC views API.
Binds the ModelMap type.
Binds the Spring Model argument for controllers.
Implements support for Spring's ObjectProvider interface.
Maps Spring PatchMapping to Micronaut.
Maps Spring PostMapping to Micronaut.
Maps @Primary to Primary.
Maps the Spring Profile annotation to Requires.
Adapts a PropertyResolver to a Spring PropertyResolver.
Maps Spring PutMapping to Micronaut.
Maps @Qualifier to javax.inject.Named.
Maps Actuator ReadOperation to Micronaut Read.
Maps @Repository the same was as ComponentAnnotationMapper.
Binds request attributes.
Maps Spring RequestBody to Micronaut.
Maps Spring RequestHeader to Micronaut.
Maps Spring RequestMapping to Micronaut.
Maps Spring RequestParam to Micronaut.
Maps Spring RequestParam to Micronaut.
A condition class that requires a single candidate.
Implementation of RequiresSingleCandidate.
A filter that adds support for ResponseEntity as a return type.
Maps Spring ResponseStatus to Micronaut.
Maps Spring RestController to Micronaut.
Maps @Scheduled to Scheduled.
Maps Actuator Selector to Micronaut Selector.
Binds the ServerHttpRequest object.
Maps @Service the same was as ComponentAnnotationMapper.
Enables support for the interfaces EnvironmentAware, ApplicationContextAware, and BeanFactoryAware.
In order to support the semantics of Configuration in Spring.
Implementation of SpringConfigurationAdvice.
Allows the spring import annotation to be represented as a repeated annotation.
Repeatable wrapper type.
Integrates Spring's transaction management if it is available.
Maps @Transactional to io.micronaut.spring.tx.annotation.Transactional.
Simple interceptor to for Transactional.
Maps @Validated to Validated.
Maps @Value to Value.
Abstract web binding impl.
Maps Actuator WriteOperation to Micronaut Write.