Package io.micronaut.rabbitmq.annotation

package io.micronaut.rabbitmq.annotation
Annotations for creating RabbitMQ consumers and producers.
James Kleeh
  • Annotation Interfaces
    Used to specify which binding (routing key) messages should be sent to.
    Used to specify how the server should react if the message cannot be routed to a queue.
    Used to specify which queue messages should be consumed from.
    An introduction advice that automatically implements interfaces and abstract classes and publishes RabbitMQ messages.
    Stores options surrounding a RabbitMQ connection.
    Denotes a Map argument that should be used as a source of message headers.
    Class level annotation to indicate that a bean will be consumers of messages from RabbitMQ.
    Annotation to collect a set of properties.
    Used to set properties while publishing or bind to properties while consuming.