Class OpenApiInfo


@Internal public final class OpenApiInfo extends Object
Helpful object with information about openAPI object and group / version settings.
  • Constructor Details

    • OpenApiInfo

      public OpenApiInfo(io.swagger.v3.oas.models.OpenAPI openApi)
    • OpenApiInfo

      public OpenApiInfo(String version, String groupName, String groupTitle, String filename, boolean adocEnabled, String adocFilename, io.swagger.v3.oas.models.OpenAPI openApi)
  • Method Details

    • getVersion

      public String getVersion()
    • setVersion

      public void setVersion(String version)
    • getGroupName

      public String getGroupName()
    • setGroupName

      public void setGroupName(String groupName)
    • getGroupTitle

      public String getGroupTitle()
    • setGroupTitle

      public void setGroupTitle(String groupTitle)
    • getFilename

      public String getFilename()
    • setFilename

      public void setFilename(String filename)
    • isAdocEnabled

      public boolean isAdocEnabled()
    • setAdocEnabled

      public void setAdocEnabled(boolean adocEnabled)
    • getAdocFilename

      public String getAdocFilename()
    • setAdocFilename

      public void setAdocFilename(String adocFilename)
    • getOpenApi

      public io.swagger.v3.oas.models.OpenAPI getOpenApi()
    • setOpenApi

      public void setOpenApi(io.swagger.v3.oas.models.OpenAPI openApi)
    • getSpecFilePath

      public String getSpecFilePath()
    • setSpecFilePath

      public void setSpecFilePath(String specFilePath)