Class NumberUtils


@Internal public final class NumberUtils extends Object
Number utils.
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    • NumberUtils

      public NumberUtils()
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    • isCreatable

      public static boolean isCreatable(String str)

      Checks whether the String a valid Java number.

      Valid numbers include hexadecimal marked with the 0x or 0X qualifier, octal numbers, scientific notation and numbers marked with a type qualifier (e.g. 123L).

      Non-hexadecimal strings beginning with a leading zero are treated as octal values. Thus the string 09 will return false, since 9 is not a valid octal value. However, numbers beginning with 0. are treated as decimal.

      null and empty/blank String will return false.

      Note, createNumber(String) should return a number for every input resulting in true.

      str - the String to check
      true if the string is a correctly formatted number