All Classes and Interfaces

Base class for all the cloud-specific configurations.
Base class for all the module configurations.
Base class for some UploadRequest implementations.
AWS object storage configuration properties.
AWS S3 module configuration.
An ObjectStorageEntry implementation for AWS S3.
AWS implementation of ObjectStorageOperations.
Azure object storage configuration properties.
Condition to check whether an Azure object storage should be enabled.
An ObjectStorageEntry implementation for Azure Blob Storage.
Creates beans of the following types:
Azure Object Storage module configuration.
Azure implementation of ObjectStorageOperations.
Upload request implementation using byte array.
An UploadRequest backed by a CompletedFileUpload.
Default implementation of UploadResponse.
Upload request implementation using File.
Google Cloud object storage configuration properties.
An ObjectStorageEntry implementation for Google Cloud Storage.
Google Cloud Storage module configuration.
Google Cloud implementation of ObjectStorageOperations.
Configuration class for local storage.
An ObjectStorageEntry implementation for local storage.
Local Storage module configuration.
An implementation of ObjectStorageOperations that uses the local file system.
Common properties for the object storage configuration.
Object storage entry.
Represents an error produced when an object storage operation fails.
Common properties for an Object Storage module.
Main interface for object storage operations.
Oracle Cloud object storage configuration properties.
An ObjectStorageEntry implementation for Oracle Cloud Storage.
Oracle Cloud Storage module configuration.
Oracle Cloud implementation of ObjectStorageOperations.
Condition to check whether a bean should be enabled based on Toggleable configuration.
Object storage upload request.
Object storage upload response.