All Classes and Interfaces

Utility class to provide conversion for HTTP request body.
An implementation of HttpTransportFactory based upon HttpClient that can be supplied when creating GoogleCredentials, allowing full control over configuration of the client.
Implementation of LowLevelHttpRequest that uses the blocking API of HttpClient.
The default PublisherFactory implementation.
Defaul implementation of Acknowledgement contract.
Handles any exception on beans of type PubSubListener that do not implement PubSubMessageReceiverExceptionHandler interface.
Default implementation of a PubSubMessageSerDesRegistry.
Default implementation of SecretManagerClient.
Default implementation of SubscriberFactory.
A filter that allows service to service communication in GCP (
Creates a GoogleAuthServiceConfig for each Service configured under*.audience.
General Google cloud configuration.
A super class that extends GoogleFunctionInitializer and can be used to map cloud events payloads.
Logback extension that sets a property called google_cloud_logging to allow users to switch between appender configurations.
Represents ComputeInstanceMetadata for Google Cloud Platform.
Resolves ComputeInstanceMetadata for Google Cloud Platform.
Configuration for computing metadata for ComputePlatform.GOOGLE_COMPUTE.
Models common Google compute instance metadata keys.
Implementation of Cookies for serverless.
Configuration for the Google credentials.
A factory for creating GoogleCredentials.
Extended version of FunctionInitializer that configures the GCP environment.
Extended interface used for testing.
Disables module scan for Jackson which is slow in function context.
Entry point into the Micronaut + GCP integration.
An embedded server implementation that uses the function invoker.
A PubSubMessageSerDes implementation that uses a JsonMapper to convert application/json mime types.
An annotation used to indicate that a parameter on a method should be bound to the message id.
Provides names of implemented modules to be used as Named qualifiers as a well for UserAgentHeaderProvider.
A MessageBodyWriter implementation for writing the LowLevelHttpRequest that is used for OAuth2 token refresh.
Customizes the jackson object mapper to ensure essential modules are registered.
Defines the value of they to be used for message ordering.
Configuration properties for PubSub Publishers.
The publisher factory interface that can create publishers.
Holds necessary configuration to create Publisher instances via PublisherFactory.
Binds Acknowledgement arguments.
An interface for PubSub argument binding based on an annotation.
An interface for PubSub argument binding.
Convert PubSub attributes to the requested type.
Binds arguments annotated with MessageBody and uses the appropriate PubSubMessageSerDes to deserialize the contents of the PubSubMessage data.
Represents an error when publishing messages.
Implementation of PubSubClient advice annotation.
Factory class to create default settings for PubSub Publisher and subscriber beans.
Configuration properties for PubSub support.
Stores the context of a PubSubMessage that is received.
Default body binder of PubSub consumers.
Binds an argument annotated with MessageHeader annotation.
Indicates that a bean will be consuming PubSub Messages.
Represents an error when consuming messages.
Binds a PubSubMessage Id to the argument.
Marker interface that PubSubListener beans can implement to handle exceptions.
Responsible for converstion to/from bytes into domain logic.
A registry of PubSubMessageSerDes instances.
Stores the context of a PubSubMessage to be pulished.
Internal class to represent Topic State.
An exception thrown if there is an error during PubSub push message processing.
Various utility methods for dealing with Pub/Sub subscriptions.
Various utility methods for dealing with Pub/Sub topics.
An interface for PubSub argument binding based on argument type.
A Controller implementation for handling PubSub Push JSON messages.
Configuration for the PubSub Push Controller.
A validator for incoming PubSub push messages.
A record for deserializing incoming PubSub Push request messages.
The body of the deserialized push message.
Handles incoming PushRequest messages.
Represents a PubSub Push subscription.
A custom condition that indicates the bean requires a configured Google Project ID.
Implementation of RequiresGoogleProjectId.
This interface is intended to abstract interactions with SecretManagerServiceClient, and instead of returning Google's ApiFuture transform it on reactive extensions.
Configuration for SecretManager clients and config client integration.
Factory to create SecretManager clients.
Logback JsonLayout class to include tracing and other MDC fields.
Configures the StackdriverSender for Micronaut if present on the classpath.
Constants for Stackdriver Trace.
Configuration properties for PubSub Subscriber.
Factory to create SubscriberInterface using default configurations.
Holds necessary configuration to create Subscriber via SubscriberFactory.
Represents a PubSub subscription.
Type converter used to convert Google's internal Duration type.
Represents a pubsub topic to be used by classes annotated with PubSubClient.
Provides the User-Agent header to signal to the Google Cloud Client Libraries that requests originate from a Micronaut Integration.
A class-level validation constraint for PubSub push messages.
A wrapper class around AccessSecretVersionResponse with secret information.