data-parent 4.8.1 API

Package containing main user facing annotation API for Micronaut Data.
Repeatable annotation variants.
Annotations specific to SQL.
Common data access exceptions.
Event integration for Hibernate/JPA.
Backend implementation for Hibernate/JPA.
Interfaces for Micronaut Data method interceptors implement.
Internal annotations for interceptors to process.
Async variants of interfaces.
Reactive variants of interfaces.
Classes specific to SQL mapping.
JPA specific annotations.
JPA extensions for RepositoryOperations.
JPA-specific repository interfaces.
Custom interceptors for JPA.
A shared model that is primarily used at compilation time, and on occasional at runtime.
Naming related classes.
Interfaces for producing queries at compilation time.
Query build interfaces.
Classes for JPA-QL query building.
Classes for SQL query building.
Factories for projections, restrictions and so on.
Runtime implementation of the model that uses Introspected bean metadata.
Runtime interfaces for implementations to implement.
Runtime support for async operations.
Runtime support for reactive operations.
Classes to map JPA annotations on to generic Micronaut Data annotations.
Classes to map JTA annotations onto generic Micronaut Data annotations.
Classes to map Spring Data annotations on to generic Micronaut Data annotations.
Compile time representation of the Query model.
Contains classes for visiting source code at compilation time and matching methods.
Implementations of MethodCandidate to match candidate methods and return queries and interceptors.
Data access repository interfaces.
Async repository interfaces.
Reactive repository interfaces.
Runtime configuration support classes.
HTTP Binding support classes.
Default implementations of the interfaces.
Default implementations for runtime async interceptors.
Default implementations for runtime reactive interceptors.
Interfaces specific to mapping data from one type to another.
Classes specific to mapping SQL data sets.
Backend support classes used at runtime.
Contains Spring Data Specific integrations.
NOTICE: This is a fork of Spring's PlatformTransactionManager modernizing it to use enums, SLF4J and decoupling from Spring.
Interfaces for reactive transaction management.
Integration with Micronaut Test.