Package containing main user facing annotation API for Micronaut Data.
  • Class
    Meta annotation to identity annotations that are auto-populated by the Micronaut Data.
    The util class for annotations for micronaut-data module.
    Generic version of allowing transformations to be applied when reading or writing data to and from the database.
    Can be applied to date type to indicate the property should be populated when it is first inserted.
    Can be applied to date type to indicate the property should be populated when it was last updated.
    Annotation to be used on POJOs that are embeddable in MappedEntity types.
    Annotation that specifies the embedded ID.
    Defines entity representation for database operations.
    The column type.
    Supported entity representation types.
    Marks parameter as expandable, which means that the query will be altered during runtime to accommodate additional values.
    The custom find method interceptor definition.
    Designates a property as a generated value.
    The type of generation.
    Designates a field or method that is annotated with the ID of an entity.
    The IgnoreWhere annotation prevents the generation of additional criteria for this query.
    Designates one of the indexes part of the indexes member within a Table annotation.
    Repeatable annotation for Index.
    A @Join defines how a join for a particular association path should be generated.
    The type of join.
    The custom annotation used for DataType.JSON fields that can help us determing how to store and retrieve json fields.
    The annotation defining Json Duality View.
    Designates a class as being persisted.
    Designates a method or field that is mapped as a persistent property.
    Override default naming strategy.
    The definition of the query's parameter value that should be represented as an expression.
    Defines the query string such as SQL, JPA-QL, Cypher etc.
    Provides a query hint to the underlying query implementation.
    Defines query result for database query execution.
    Supported query result types.
    Annotation used to indicate a field or method is a relation to another type.
    Cascade type handling for different associations.
    The relation kind.
    Designates a type of data repository.
    Models compilation time configuration for the repository.
    Annotation used to indicate a field or method is transient and not persisted.
    Type definitions allow associating existing types with a specific DataType.
    A type role indicates a method element in a repository that plays a role in query execution and should not be factored into query calculation but instead made available at runtime using the specified role name.
    Designates a field or method that is used to version an entity.
    There Where annotation allows augmenting the WHERE statement of generated queries with additional criterion.