aws-parent 4.6.0 API

AWS configuration classes.
Classes related to building AlexaSkill
Classes related to configuring an AlexaSkill
Classes related to building Flashbriefing Alexa skills
The classes which handle http server configuration for Alexa.
Classes to handle Alexa related endpoints.
The classes which handle exceptions thrown while processing Alexa Requests.
Services related to the processing of RequestEnvelope.
The classes which verify authenticity and integrity of the request before processing it.
Classes to support building Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)
Integration with AWS CloudWatch logging.
Classes related to distributed configuration coming from AWS Services.
Apache HTTP client configuration and factory.
Netty client configuration and factory.
URLConnection client configuration and factory.
DynamoDB client factory.
DynamoDB client factory.
Classes related to gateway management api coming from AWS Services.
S3 client configuration and factory.
Secrets Manager client factory.
Service discovery client configuration and factory.
SES client factory.
SNS client factory.
SQS client factory.
SSM client factory.
Integration classes for AWS Secrets Manager.
Classes related with the generation of a User-Agent HTTP Header to use when communicating with AWS SDK.
Integration with AWS ParameterStore.
Integration with AWS service discovery.
AWS cloud configuration.
Classes to support exposing FunctionBean instances for AWS lambda
Classes to support exposing FunctionBean instances for AWS lambda Alexa Skills
Event classes to support AWS Lambda lifecycle.
Classes related to a RequestHandler for input ApplicationLoadBalancerRequestEvent and response ApplicationLoadBalancerResponseEvent.
Function AWS lamda configuration.